Which Dating Apps do Millionaires Use?

Last Updated: March 26, 2024

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When wealthy singles want to find love, where do they look? It may surprise you to learn that they use dating apps, just like the rest of us! But, are there dating apps that are more popular with millionaires? Are there some that are exclusive to the ultra-wealthy?

In this article, we’ll talk about which dating apps millionaires are most likely to use!


Self-proclaimed selective dating app, Luxy is all about using exclusivity to create a more curated dating pool. Men on the site must provide tax records that they make at least $200k a year. And women go through a process of selection based on the quality of their profile. What’s more, anyone on the app can be essentially “voted” off if they receive a significant number of negative reviews from other users.

The result, or at least the anticipated result, is a dating app of the highest caliber. And of course, many millionaires find that appealing! In fact, even though it offers a much smaller dating pool than other apps, Luxy continues to be popular with wealthy folks.

Tinder Select

Tinder Select is the latest rollout from one of the most recognized dating platforms in the world. It’s not actually a separate app, but rather a new membership tier—which means that regular accounts could potentially be matched with millionaires. The perks for this steeply-priced membership option include more exposure and special messaging privileges.

So, if you’re already on Tinder and are hoping to meet millionaires, this might be your chance!

Luxury Date


Luxury Date makes our list as it's a great option for the ultra-wealthy, celebrities, influencers, and anyone well-connected. Many beautiful and aspirational women join in the hope of finding their millionaire match of whom many are video-verified to assure their successful counterparts that they are legit.

What’s great about Luxury Date is that profiles are in a grid, so you don't have to waste your valuable time swiping through hundreds of profiles. Luxury Date is relatively new so you will find many active members that are currently searching for their match.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a paid dating app that caters to young professionals and highly educated folks looking to find their One. There’s a thorough application process and personality test, as well as more strict guidelines about photos and profile creation. The Inner Circle attracts wealthy individuals who are tired of having to navigate bots and fake accounts. Everyone on this dating site has been approved by a real site moderator.

We would say that because the Inner Circle appeals to a younger crowd—more up-and-coming professionals and recent grads—you may not find as many millionaires as on other sites. But, that doesn’t mean there’s not potential! These are some of the most driven and focused profiles we’ve seen. In other words, if they’re not millionaires today, they could be very soon!

The League

Similar to the Inner Circle, the League is all about creating an exclusive dating app for people with impressive educational backgrounds. This makes it popular with millionaires who are CEOs, app developers, restaurateurs, and more.

In order to be approved immediately, you may be able to skip the application process with a “ticket” or recommendation from a current user. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through a somewhat rigorous verification process which relies on data from other social media platforms to figure out your educational background.

In terms of membership tiers, the League has some of the most expensive. Users who want all the benefits could be spending thousands of dollars a month on this exclusive dating app.

Sugar Daddy


So far, many of the apps on our list have been quite exclusive. But not all millionaires are looking for dating apps that limit their search to people in their same tax bracket. In fact, many wealthy people would rather meet people who have a different kind of lifestyle and perspective. Or, they may be trying to escape the confines of their current social circles.

This is why sugar dating apps like Sugar Daddy are so popular with many wealthy people. These apps allow them to pursue sugar relationships with people of all different backgrounds and ages.


Okay, so Tawkify isn’t technically a dating app. Instead, it’s a matchmaking service that uses real people to set you up on dates. And, it’s easy to see why this is interesting for millionaires, who may not have the time to weed through hundreds of profiles and keep up with messaging.

Tawkify is a pretty pricey service, but many millionaires are happy to pay whatever fee they need to streamline their dating experience!

Elite Singles

Elite Singles aligns itself with many of the other exclusive dating apps for busy professionals on our list. It has a comparatively large user base and relies on a personality test to make recommendations on who you should chat with first.

Even though this app markets itself as being geared towards successful professionals, there is no education or income verification process. So, you could start chatting with millionaires without being one yourself.

Millionaire Love


For the last couple of years, Millionaire Love has earned a lot of attention among hard-working millionaires who value dating people who will appreciate their success and generosity.

Although they are still working on an app, MillionaireLove.com is perfectly compatible with all devices. Chats on this site are unlimited once paid for in credits, which allows matches to have uninterrupted conversations with their match

Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match almost sounds too obvious to be real, but it’s been around since 2001 and continues to be a viable app for meeting millionaires online. To be sure, it’s got more of an age gap relationship or sugaring vibe than some of the other dating apps like Raya. But, it can be a great way to meet high-net-worth individuals in your area.

How to find a millionaire on dating apps

Now that you know some of the dating apps that are most popular with millionaires, how can you go about finding your match? Here are a few ideas:

  • Choose your dating app wisely. As you can see, not all of the dating apps that millionaires use are going to be accessible to the general public. If you don’t make the cut, focus your efforts on a reputable dating app that you do qualify for!
  • Invest if you can. If you can channel some of your budget towards a tiered membership, definitely do it! You’ll have a better chance of meeting people with a higher income.
  • Be confident. At the end of the day, millionaires are just people. And many of them are on dating apps because they want to meet other regular people! So, relax and talk to them like you would anyone else. They’ll appreciate your authenticity.
  • Stay patient. Millionaires make up a smaller portion of the population than everyone else. So, if you don’t find your ideal match within a few weeks or months of trying, don’t give up.
  • Don’t write off non-millionaires. You might have your sights set on a millionaire, but the truth is, you could be just as happy with someone who is high-income but not quite at that level. Don’t write off a potential match just because they don’t make the exact income you expected. As long as they’re willing to treat you right, it’s worth a shot!

Have you tried any of the apps on our list?

There are many dating apps that millionaires use, and some of them you might have even used yourself! Will you continue with your current dating app, or try a new one?