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Top Ten Reasons Why You
Should Be Sugar Dating On

  1. SugarDaddy is the place where you can be completely honest about who you are and what you want… and that honesty can set a sugar daddy and sugar baby completely free. Which is why the relationships on SugarDaddy often blossom into loving, long-term relationships that grow deeper and more loving over time.
  2. SugarDaddy is the place for sugar daddy dating relationships that cut out some of the worst parts of most marriages - the commitment, the arguments, the emotional obligations - and leave in all of the fun!
  3. SugarDaddy is the place to be if you believe in fairness in your relationships: Both people go in with specific needs, and see to it that their partner’s needs are met.
  4. SugarDaddy is the sugar daddy dating website for you if you have experienced success in life, and are willing to use that success to make your life better.
  5. SugarDaddy is the sugar daddy dating website where you can meet a sugar daddy with life experience who will show you the benefits of their expertise in the form of mentorship and networking opportunities.
  1. SugarDaddy is the dating website for you if you are ready to have a relationship that works the way relationships ought to: In a mutual way that makes both a sugar daddy and sugar baby happy.
  2. SugarDaddy is the sugar daddy dating website for you if you are sick and tired of dating losers, and want to date a man who is mature enough to take care of YOU for once!
  3. SugarDaddy is the place to find someone who values your wisdom, your life experience, and your generosity above all else.
  4. SugarDaddy is the sugar dating website for you if you believe in the concept of chivalry - Earning the devotion of someone by sweeping them off of their feet.
  5. SugarDaddy is the sugar daddy dating website for you if you believe that you get better with age.

The Canadian Sugar Baby Dating Website Where Everybody Wins

Canadians everywhere have spoken – and their favourite place to meet up with other open-minded people is Sugar Daddy Canada. In our sugar dating community, Canadian sugar babies and sugar daddies can seek out relationships that are fair, honest, and mutually beneficial.

Sugar babies love older men who treat them with respect and are generous with their life experience and knowledge. Sugar daddies love younger women who look pretty, keep things simple, and are capable of having loads of fun within well-defined boundaries.

Sugar Daddy Canada is the sugar daddy dating site where these two groups can cross societal and geographic lines to find each other and live out the kind of casual, exciting, and fulfilling relationship that they’ve been looking for. So, join up today, and find out what you’ve been missing!

What is a
Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby is someone empowered and independent who uses every one of their best traits – their youthful energy, their infectious personality, their positive view, and their many life experiences.

They’ve never had a problem finding a date. In fact, they’ve discovered over the years that they could pretty much get anyone they wanted. However, they aren’t content with just ANY one anymore. If they could have a relationship that actually benefitted them (by supplementing their lifestyle, by giving them a taste of the finer things in life, or advancing their career ambitions), then why the heck would they continue to engage in romantic relationships that existed merely for their own sake?

The modern sugar baby loves to be romanced in style, but also believes that you can get more out of relationships than just romance. They want to rub elbows with millionaires and finally get spoiled in the manner they deserve.

A sugar baby is also open-minded enough to explore a relationship away from the yoke of tradition. They're more willing to date someone who is too busy to call or text every day, or who insists on privacy and discretion. They laugh in the face of convention, and forges their own path. In doing so, they accomplish their goals more effectively, and enjoy a much higher standard of living than their peers.

What is a
Sugar Daddy?

While the term “sugar daddy” is relatively new, sugar daddies have been around for centuries. There have always been those who leveraged their social or economic advantages.

Generally speaking, a sugar daddy is someone older who has spent the majority of their life cultivating wealth and influence. Unsatisfied by merely accumulating these things, they are looking for someone to share them with – hopefully, someone who values them as much as they do.

They are well-mannered and generous, they know when to pull out her chair, when to hold the door, and exactly what to say (and more importantly, what NOT to say) to make someone feel special. Not only that… they ALWAYS pick up the check – every time.

A sugar daddy knows that the relationships they create have an invigorating effect on people of their age. Their energy is infectious. Their enthusiasm is unmatched.

Beyond the obvious benefits, a sugar daddy genuinely appreciates being able to pass down their knowledge and life experience to an attentive and appreciative sugar baby. Call it chivalry, or simply call it old-fashioned, but a sugar daddy knows that there is something magical about being seen as a “hero,” or swooping in to save the day.

A sugar daddy may have home or work obligations that frustrate or bore them. Sugar daddy sites are a way for them to escape the conventional, and embrace a little excitement!

What is a Sugar Relationship?

Sugar dating, in its modern form, has taken the world of traditional dating relationships, and turned it on its ear, making it a more satisfying place to be for everyone involved. Finally, like-minded people can find each other and explore mutually beneficial relationships with each other on their own terms, free from the judgement or consternation they may feel from their friends, family, or society as a whole.

When you cut out all of the boring, tedious bits from traditional relationships, you are left with a relationship that, like your favorite classic rock station, is “all killer, no filler.” The only time you need to spend on your relationship is “quality time” – exciting evenings out, romantic getaways. A sugar dating relationship is an escape from your troubles (a stark contrast from traditional relationships, which can often be the source of them).

The things you give up by choosing sugar dating are the things that ultimately cost you so much valuable time – long text exchanges, jealousy, prolonged arguments over minuscule slights, the need to gain the approval of your partner’s friends and/or family… all of the “boring bits” that make relationships such a drag. As a result, you end up with a surplus of free time to devote to your other pursuits – career goals, hobbies… and perhaps even other sugar baby relationships, if you’re feeling bold! Whatever you decide to do with all of your newly freed-up time… Well, that’s the thing. It’s completely YOURS.

Sugar daddy relationships come with no strings attached, and operate from a place of total honesty. Each partner’s goals and needs are transparent and well-defined from the very beginning. There are no mixed messages, nothing is left unsaid, or and nothing is left open to interpretation. There is no need to be anything but open with your partner, and this makes sugar dating relationships incredibly easy to maintain. Sugar daddies and their sugar babies save themselves a world of time, and a mountain of stress, all while having the time of their lives.

The Advantages of Sugar Dating

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship has entered into that relationship because they have needs. It would be ignorant to suggest otherwise. Thankfully, the next evolution in relationships has arrived. It’s called sugar daddy dating, and it puts each person’s needs front and center.

Sugar dating is the modern alternative to the same old stagnant dating pool. The community of sugar babies and sugar daddies is the perfect place to find someone who is as practical and goal-oriented as you are – even if you live very different lives, and run in different social circles! In fact, bringing together like-minded people from completely different worlds is sort of the point.

If you’ve ever been bored or frustrated with your love life, or your ability to balance it with your professional goals and aspirations, consider the advantages of sugar baby dating.

No Strings Attached

Sugar daddies and sugar babies place outdated ideas about monogamy and responsibility aside in favor of one virtue: fairness. Their sugar relationships are so enjoyable because they are built on a foundation of understanding and mutual respect. You don’t need to “tie yourself down” if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself, either. As a result, you enjoy acceptance and patience from your partner that would be unheard of in a traditional relationship.

Honesty and Transparency

The terms of your sugar dating relationship are easy to stick to – because you’ve both been honest from the beginning about your expectations and your boundaries. There’s no reason for you and your partner to keep anything from each other, or pretend to be anything that you’re not. All you need to do is keep your partner happy, and they do the same. There’s no guess work about how to do that, either – because you’ve discussed and agreed to it from the very start!

Financial Security for Sugar Babies

Sugar babies can rely on their relationships to provide them with the support that they desire. The benefits aren’t purely short-term, either! Sugar dating can lead to an upgraded lifestyle in general, as well. The tutelage of a sugar daddy can give an upwardly mobile young professional a leg up in the business world, and the right sugar daddy can provide networking opportunities, invaluable expertise, and career mentorship that will set up his sugar baby for life!

Youthful Adventure for Sugar Daddies

When a gorgeous sugar baby injects some playful energy into their life, they walk taller, breathe deeper, and smiles a hell of a lot more. The right exuberant sugar baby can make anyone feel 21 again, and allow them to re-live the glory days of their personal prime.