How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram


Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Sugar Baby

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you might be wondering how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram. Is it possible to meet your perfect match through stories and reels? How can you attract the attention of a sugar daddy without having influencer status? And, once you do start chatting with potential partners, what are some of the ways that you can turn your flirtations into a real relationship?

In this article, we’re going to pull back the curtain on being a successful sugar baby on Instagram.

First up, decide on whether to call yourself a sugar baby

One of the first assumptions that you might make about being a successful online sugar baby is that you should make it clear that you are, in fact, a sugar baby. And there are certainly influencers who have gained their following using this method.

But, there are a few risks to this approach:

  • You might attract the attention of scammers. Making it clear that you’re looking for a sugar relationship can put a target on your back when it comes to scammers. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it, but you’ll need to be more aware of potential fake daddies.

  • You could attract negative attention. Even if you don’t post explicit content, there are still plenty of people online who are opposed to the sugaring lifestyle. These people could attack you through messages and comments, or flag your content so that you have to go through the hassle of shadowbans and verification.

  • Real sugar daddies may not want to interact with you on such a public platform. Until they build trust with their sugar baby, many wealthy people like to maintain a position of plausible deniability. It’s better optics for them to follow someone who is beautiful, smart, and interesting than a self-proclaimed sugar baby.

The choice, of course, is up to you. After all, labeling yourself as a sugar baby online may get you quicker results. But it’s important to be aware of the potential challenges.

Showcase your interests

Instagram prioritizes accounts that are creative and unique. And the more that you can lean into the interests that set you apart, whether it be fashion, fitness, travel, beauty tips, or hiking, you’ll start to gain followers organically. This will give your account authenticity and make it more likely that sugar daddies will respond to you.

Perfect the selfie

Another important way to attract sugar daddies is by filling your grid with selfies and pictures of you. After all, as much as a potential partner will find it interesting that you horseback ride, they would much rather see you than a field of horses. So, make yourself the primary subject in 95% of your photos.

Use relevant hashtags

This is where some sugar babies disagree on the right strategy for how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram. Some will opt to use hashtags like #lookingforasugardaddy or #sugarbabylifestyle. But as we mentioned earlier, these kinds of labels can attract a wave of scammers in your DMs.

Instead, think about what kinds of hashtags your ideal sugar daddy might follow. Hashtags like #luxuryvacation #gastronomy #sailinglife or #golfdestinations might be more aligned with the interests of your target audience. Or, you might opt for appealing hashtags such as #naturalbeauty, #fitwomen, or #bikinilife. The thing about hashtags is that it’s best to mix them up. Use 10 to 15 hashtags for each picture and then see which ones perform best.

Start following people of medium influence


You’ll notice that we aren’t recommending that you spend all of your time messaging celebrities and super-rich people. That’s probably not going to get you anywhere. Instead, spend your time looking for potential partners who are more likely to respond to you.

You can start looking for these potential partners by searching your current location or the closest big city. Remember that follows are free! So, you can freely follow anyone who looks interesting. Here are a few green flags that you can keep your eye on:

  • They have somewhere between 300 and 15,000 followers. If someone has too few followers, it could be a sign that their account is fake or they just aren’t active enough on the site to warrant your attention. On the other hand, the more followers someone has, the more likely your messages will be drowned out by all of the other people vying for their attention. The sweet spot, then, is somewhere between a couple hundred and no more than 15,000 followers.
  • They have posted within the last month. If someone isn’t active, they probably won’t see your message. Move along.
  • They talk about being single, dating, or otherwise available. When someone proactively talks about their status on Instagram, consider it a green flag! They’ll be receptive to start chatting with you.

Think of DMs like cold-calling

It can feel very odd to start sending messages to strangers on the internet. And, like cold calling, the truth is, you’re going to get a lot of hang-ups. Don’t take it personally. It’s all part of the process.

You’ll have a better chance at success by tailoring your message to the person you’re reaching out to. For instance, ask questions about something you see on their page or in their stories. Like and comment on their posts. These are all little hints that you’re actually paying attention to them, not just sending out copy & paste messages to lots of different people.

Beware of the sugar daddy scams


When you’re throwing out your net to meet sugar daddies, you’ll need to be extra careful about protecting yourself from scammers. And one of the most common Instagram scams revolves around fake sugar daddies. Here’s how it works:

  • You receive a message from a fake sugar daddy. This person will offer you an allowance and may even say that they don’t need anything in return.
  • Option one: While the payment is pending in your account, the sugar daddy asks for a portion of it to be returned. In this version of the scam, the sugar daddy will send you a payment via a popular money transfer app like Cash App. While the payment is still processing or within the grace period, they will request that you return some of the money. This will usually be explained with a fabricated emergency story about why they need the money back. Once you’ve returned a portion of the money, they will cancel the original payment, delete their account, and cease all communication.
  • Option two: Before sending the payment, they request that you send payment. An earlier version of the sugar daddy Instagram scam involved the scammer requesting a small payment from their sugar baby. This was explained as a way to establish trust or allow for a larger payment to be approved from their account. As soon as the scammer received the payment, they would disappear.

Because IG has been such a popular place for these kinds of scams, it’s important to be able to identify them. You can protect yourself by arranging for video calls to establish trust and using payment methods or gift-giving practices that are safe and reliable.

Stay consistent

Instagram rewards consistency on the platform. So, if you’re interacting with your followers and posting frequently on your feed, the sugar daddies who follow you will see your content more regularly. In other words, if you want to learn how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram, you have to make it a consistent daily practice to be on Instagram!

Don’t let conversations die in the water

In real life, you might notice if you have chemistry with someone right away. The conversation flows freely and you don’t have to worry about awkward silences. With an online courtship, though, keeping the spark between the two of you alive requires more effort.

If you notice the conversation starting to wane, don’t give up! Here are a few things that you can ask a potential partner to make sure you stay at the top of their DMs:

  • How is your day?
  • You’ll never believe what I’m looking at right now. The first time you do this, you could induce a laugh by sending your sugar daddy a picture of something completely mundane. It’s a good way to establish that you have a playful side.
  • If you could snap your fingers and have a plate of food magically appear in front of you, what would you eat right now?
  • I’m choosing my outfit for the day. Want to help me? This is a quick way to build intimacy without being too forward. Send your sugar daddy pictures of a couple of options and let them choose!

If you’re not used to being the proactive one in a new relationship, this process can feel strange. But a sugar daddy will appreciate the attention! As you start to feel more comfortable with them, you can even send voice messages and have video calls.

Be thoughtful about the sugaring conversation

At this point, you may be chatting with a few potential partners and even getting close to some of them. And, you might be wondering when and how to bring up the idea of sugaring.

We’re not going to lie, this can be tricky. One of the benefits of using a dedicated sugar daddy website, after all, is that you know you’re talking to someone interested in sugaring. On Instagram, you might get a few no’s before you find someone who is open to the idea.

One way that you can make it easier is to wait until you’ve had face-to-face contact, either in person or in a video call. That way, they’ll see that you’re a genuine person and not a bot or a scammer.

Here is one way that you can broach the subject tactfully:

“So, I’ve really been enjoying getting to know you and before we keep going, there’s something I want to share with you. At this point in my life, I’m looking for a relationship instead of a traditional one. In my opinion, it’s a more flexible, honest way to connect with someone. Is that something you might be interested in talking more about?”

This introduction to the idea of sugaring allows you to set a firm boundary while also allowing your potential partner to ask questions. Remember to stay positive and don’t take rejection personally. One of the realities of finding a sugar daddy on Instagram is that it takes perseverance!

Keep at it!

As we’ve said, your best tool for sugaring on Instagram is consistency. And, if, after a few weeks, you’re not getting the results you want, you can always sign up for a dedicated sugaring website. Whether you learn how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram or another platform, you’re on your way to finding your ideal match!

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