10 Ways to Spot a Fake Sugar Daddy Profile


Last Updated: February 15, 2024

Sugar Baby

Learning how to know if a sugar daddy is real is your first priority as a sugar baby. After all, you don’t want to waste precious time on a potential partner who isn’t going to end up spoiling you like you deserve. And you certainly don’t want to be tangled up with a scammer who wants to manipulate you out of your money.

In this article, we’ll cover key ways that you can keep yourself from falling for a false sugar partner.

The different types of fake sugar daddies

Before we cover the ten ways that you can spot a fake daddy, it’s important to note that there’s more than one kind to be aware of.

First, you can fall prey to a scammer. These are bots or people pretending to be sugar daddies with the intention of stealing your money or identity.

The other kind of fake partner is called a salt daddy. These are real people who you may even go on a few dates with. But, they are unwilling or unable to provide the kind of lifestyle you deserve. They might string you along for a while with promises of pampering you, but in the end, they’ll leave you high and dry.

Finally, you should be aware of the splenda daddy. This is a person who is real and may even have the resources to spoil you. But, they’re so stingy and unwilling to share their wealth that they’re probably not worth your time.

So, how can you protect yourself from these types of fake sugar daddies? Here are ten red flags to be aware of:

1: Their profile pictures aren’t real


If a sugar daddy’s pictures look too good to be true, they probably are. A scammer will pull images from the internet to give their profile a semblance of authenticity. So, how can you know that a profile picture is genuine or stock?

First of all, you can look at their other pictures. There should be multiple photos of the same person in different settings. It’s also a good sign to see a few pictures of cell phone quality.

A variety of photos is a green flag. But keep in mind that a good scammer also knows this. So they may pull photos from someone’s social media page. It’s a good idea, then, to do a reverse image search. If the images exist in another place on the internet, and the names don’t match up, you could be dealing with a fake sugar daddy.

2: Their bio is incomplete or full of errors

Scammers won’t be invested in writing a full, well-worded bio. So, a profile that is very empty of substance or full of spelling and grammar errors is a red flag.

A salt or splenda daddy may have a bit more information than a completely fake profile. But they’ll still probably be less likely to write a good bio than someone who is genuinely interested in building a relationship. They may write short, lazy sentences that don’t provide any useful information about them.

3: They show off their wealth

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between a rich sugar daddy and a salt daddy is how they show off their assets. Profile pictures of a person on a private plane with stacks of cash in the background? Fishy. A bio that brags about income and a garage full of foreign cars? Even fishier.

The truth is, authentically wealthy people aren’t flashy about how much money they have. They certainly aren’t going to walk around bragging about their net worth. Instead, you’ll be able to pick out subtle examples of their luxurious lifestyle. Maybe you can spot an understated but expensive watch in their profile picture. Or, maybe they arrange for your first meet and greet to take place at an exclusive restaurant or members-only bar.

4: Their speech patterns are odd and oddly familiar

A bot may send out the same message to thousands of people, trying to ensnare as many as they can in their scam. And that means that you may get the same message or a slightly altered version of it more than once. If you haven’t already received one, it’s likely to sound something like this:

“Hey beautiful, I’m looking for a sugar baby that I can spoil with gifts and money. You seem honest and nice, so please tell me if you’re interested in having me as your sugar daddy.” Some may also say something like, “no sex, no nudes, just a platonic relationship.”

If you respond, you may actually start chatting with a real person. But, remember, they are likely to be a scammer following a script. This will make their speech patterns feel odd and forced, as they attempt to steer you back to the scam. Their only goal is to get something from you, not get to know you.

5: They bring up the issue of allowance immediately


When trying to figure out how to know if a sugar daddy is real, your first inclination could be to find out if they’re serious about the sugar. It makes sense to wonder if they really have the means to pamper you.

The reality is, though, a sugar daddy who brings up allowance in the first five seconds of online chatting is suspect. Instead, it’s more common to discuss the terms of your arrangement during your first meet and greet.

6: They want to take the conversation to another platform

If you’re meeting potential sugar daddies on a trusted platform like SugarDaddy.com, there’s no reason to move the conversation anywhere else. Many scammers prefer to chat over WhatsApp, SnapChat, or Kik because those sites offer them a cloak of anonymity. If they’re exposed as scammers, it’s very difficult to do anything about it.

A dedicated sugar dating website, on the other hand, can work with sugar babies to remove scammers from the site. So, it’s in your best interest and the community’s best interest that you don’t follow a potential partner to another platform.

7: They ask for personal information

One of the ways that fake sugar daddies operate is to try stealing your personal information. Maybe they offer to pay for something for you, but they tell you that they need you to send your bank account details or other sensitive information first. This is a huge red flag.

If a sugar daddy is offering you a gift, they’ll find a way to do so that keeps your private information safe. Remember, a true sugar daddy is likely to be a savvy business person or entrepreneur. They can make things happen without putting you in a compromising situation.

8: They offer to pay through CashApp

While we’re on the topic of money, another way to tell if you’re talking to a fake sugar daddy is whether they offer to pay for anything through CashApp. Scammers have been targeting sugar babies through this app in particular. Here’s how it works:

  • A fake sugar daddy sends a sum of money to their victim
  • While the payment is still processing, the sugar daddy requests that the sugar baby return some of the money, for a specific excuse
  • The fake daddy reverses the original transaction, collects the money from the sugar baby, and then disappears

As you can see, the particular setup of CashApp puts sugar babies in a vulnerable position. A potential partner who requests this form of payment might be a scammer in disguise.

9: They delay your first meet and greet

Many people in the sugaring world like to get to know someone before setting up a meet and greet. In fact, it’s a great way to build trust and see if you have chemistry. But, this shouldn’t go on indefinitely.

After all, chatting is a form of companionship. If you are providing a potential partner with lively, even flirty conversation, you should remember that your time and effort have value. A real sugar daddy will be willing to return the favor.

10: They’re stingy

There’s no bigger red flag than a potential partner who starts haggling over money from the start. If they’re not willing to arrange transportation for you, or if they suggest a subpar location for your first date, take it as a sign that they’re not truly invested. This is likely to escalate into them offering far less than you deserve when you start talking about the terms of the arrangement.

Say no to fake sugar daddies so you can say yes to the real deal!

If you’re eager to find your ideal sugar partner, it can be difficult to take red flags like these as a sign to move on. But the fact is, when you find someone genuine in the world of sugaring, you’ll know it! You won’t need to question whether they’re trying to scam you or take advantage of your optimism.

Instead, they’ll pamper you right from the start. This is how you know if a sugar daddy is real.

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