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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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About me

I am originally from Edmonton Alberta, I was born and raised there and relocated across the country to be closer to family (Ironic, I know). It has been a little shy of six years now, and I believe I have acclimated well to Nova Scotia; though I do occasionally miss the culture and diversity of the city. As the name implies I am a plus sized lady. If this is something you are not comfortable with then I suggest you carry on. Outside of work I am a fairly regular girl, I enjoy the company of animals, the ocean, quiet evenings in, old movies (John Hughes is a particular favourite) and a relaxed sort of living. I enjoy learning about nature, space, and the psychology of humans. And leisurely outdoor expeditions; if you are someone who enjoys rigorous outdoor activities on a regular basis I'm afraid I wouldn't be a good match as my current level of fitness is not up to par (A back injury slightly slowed my progress, but it is a continual effort for improvement). I do not expect anything I would not be prepared to give; treat me with common curtesy, respect, and decency, and you will get it in return.

What I’m Looking For

A potential partner would obviously enjoy the finer things in life, and genuinely enjoy sharing them; I do like to be pampered. Though that does not exclude learning together, or getting our hands dirty; flexibility and varied interests are what keep things interesting. My preference currently is to engage in online communication, primarily through here, and as I grow more comfortable that may change. Intimacy is negotiable, as I am learning where my limitations are, and what I can offer an SD. Things I will not compromise on: - Being an English speaker - Open communication - Trust - Discretion - Mutual Respect - Emotional Maturity Things that I will not do: - NSA (Or one offs.) - Married Daddies More to come as I grow accustomed to the site.

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