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Victoria, British Columbia

Love to please in exchange for some help!

Age 35

Next birthday in September

Sugar Baby

Looking for a 45-60 year old SugarDaddy

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Victoria, British Columbia

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    Sugar Baby

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    5' 9

About me

I'm fun loving, easy going, and have a positive and playful nature. I think I'm a good mix of sweet and sassy. I enjoy a wide range of activities and am fairly adventurous. I'm intelligent, honest and very grounded. No drama needed :) I love my life and have positive aspirations that I need a little help with ;)

What I’m Looking For

Let's be upfront. I'm looking for someone that is willing to form a type of companionship where I'm financially benefited for my time with you. Let's talk about what that could look like. I'm confident that it'll be worth it for you ;)

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    Sugar Daddy

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